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Fani and Miss Whiskers the Fancy Mice, the Pet of the Day <
Name: Fani, Miss Whiskers
Age: Seven months old, Eleven months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Fancy Mouse
Home: Bolingbrook, Illinois, USA
   Their names are Fani (the brown one) and Miss Whiskers (the white one). Fani is seven months old and Miss Whiskers is eleven months old.

     They are fancy mice. My friend and I got the mice for our science fair project. Miss Whiskers was mine and Fani was my friend's. We timed them in a maze to see what food they liked the best. Once the science fair was over, I kept both of the mice since they like to have cage mates.

     They are a whole lot of fun to watch. They usually go on the same wheel even though they have two and they don't go anywhere. One tries to go one way and the other tries to go the other way. Sometimes, Miss Whiskers runs on the wheel and Fani just hangs on for dear life!

     I have learned a lot from the mice. I have learned responsibility, to be gentle and patient, and what the meaning of limber is. Miss Whiskers is fit and agile while Fani is fat and clumsy. One time, while I was holding them, Miss Whiskers was climbing over Fani, and Fani fell off my arm. Fani has also been flung off the wheel once or twice because Miss Whiskers was spinning it so fast.

     The mice are a lot of fun and I hope you have seen why I love them. They have changed people's attitudes towards mice; they have discovered that once you get over their tail, they're really awesome!

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