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Misty and Dollar the Quarter Horses, the Pet of the Day <
Name: Misty, Dollar
Age: Fifteen, Eight years old
Gender: Female, Male
Kind: Quarter Horse
Home: United States
   We got Misty and another horse named Boomer last October (their old names were Sassy and Bob). But When November came, Boomer died. So the man who sold us the horses(a horse trader) said he would give us another horse for free. We had to pay a little bit for a younger horse, so this would not happen again. Later he came out with a gorgeous sorrel (reddish-brown) mare (girl). But when you would get on her she would start galloping or cantering and would not stop.

     Then he told us about a horse he had sold to a man for a lot of money. The horse trader ended up taking the horse back because of animal cruelty. (The buyer starved him and put the wrong shoes on which made the horses leg's stiff). The trader got him back, and turned the horse out to a pasture for a month. Then he brought the horse to us (without stiff legs and a full stomach). Although he did sell Dollar to us for less. Dollar is fine now, he is a little skittish though. Dollar and Misty go together great, and now happy and healthy and treated like horses should be - with love!

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