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Flash the Pony of the Americas, the Pet of the Day
Name: Flash
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Pony of the Americas
Home: Trenton, Tennessee, USA
   This is my pony. I got him about two year sago. He is a POA - Pony of the Americas. He turns different colors at different times of the year. In this picture he still has his winter coat, but was starting to change. He head shot - which I included so you can see his cute face, is more his summer coloring. He is short but do you know what? He can jump four to five feet high!! He was a late Christmas present. I think Flash is a good name for him because he is flashy.

     I bought him when he was five years old. He could hardly do anything when I got him, but now he is very good at lots of things. My riding lesson teacher helped me with him when we got him. He stays at her barn Cornerstone Stables in Trenton, TN. Come ride with us!!!

     He is very smart, and learned quickly once we started his training. He is good at jumping, barrel racing pole bending, and he gets up on boxes. He is very sweet, too! He proves that great things can come in small packages, and I love him!

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