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Mo the Chinhilla, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mo
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Chinchilla
Home: Mount Olive, New Jersey, USA
   Mo is a Pink-eyed white chinchilla and he is very special to me. This is because he does live by himself, so he has more alone time with me, so I know him very well. He can have a feisty attitude, or at some times be the sweetest chinchilla in the world. He is more of a one-person chinchilla and he gets attached to one person.

     Mo can be crazy (as he is running around my bed like a maniac right now) but that's just what makes him more adorable. He is very special because my favorite sumber has alway been three and he is the third chinchilla I have gotten to have. He doesn't bite and I almost forgot to mention - he loves chin scritches!

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