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Eeyore the Guinea Pig, the Pet of the Day
Name: Eeyore
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: Guinea Pigt
Home: Canada
   This is Eeyore, though her nickname is Sweet Piggy and that's used just as often as her given name. This is Eeyore laying down on the couch and relaxing. She often will sit with us there and watch television, she does not like to really be on anyone's lap, but likes to be right next to us so we can pet her while we watch TV.

     Eeyore is special because she is a very sweet guinea pig, she often acts like a prissy little princess! When she hears the fridge open she desperately squeals for lettuce and carrots, it's very funny to hear, you would think from the sound that we never feed her, and she sounds so desperate! But of course we feed her every day, but that doesnt' matter - if you open the fridge be prepared for the Eeyore performance. Visitors need to have it explained, as some have no idea that ur sweet little piggy could make that much raquet. But we love her just the way she is. Eeyore is a very special guinea pig in every way!

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