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Alice the Abyssinian Guinea Pig, the Pet of the Day
Name: Alice
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Abyssinian Guinea Pig
Home: England, United Kingdom
   Hello, my name is Alice and I am 10 months old. I also get lots of hugs and kisses from my mummy and I get told I'm extra gorgeous!! I used to live in a home where I got very scared every night by the local fox! He used to shake my hutch, that's why when I came to my new home. I was a little nervous but now I love it! My favorite thing to do is run up and down the stairs and then I go and sit in my big igloo downstairs, but when my mummy puts me out in the run I chase after my big brother Hugo and hide under his long fur!

     My favorite food is cucumber and red pepper. I squeak really loudly when I hear the door because I know my food is about to come, I race upstairs and sit waiting by the food bowl. I don't like grapes, melon, apple and really all fruits, I prefer crunching on celery and cucumber. Well, I'd better go now because it's dinner time and if I don't get my food straight away, Hugo'll eat it! Bye.

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