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Minnie the Dwarf Rabbit, the Pet of the Day
Name: Minnie
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Dwarf Rabbit
Home: Connecticut, USA
   Her name is Minnie Rabbit, and she is three years old as of August 27th. She lives with me (her mom) in Connecticut.

     Minnie is the second of my two female rabbits (the first one is named Pearl). I bought them both at PetKraze (an exotic pet store in Brewster, NY) shortly after Thanksgiving in 2016. They were meant to be companions for each other, as I had read that rabbits tend to get lonely when their person is away. However, after I purchased them and brought them home, my cousin called me and informed me that same-sex rabbits hate each other and will fight, even when spayed (like Minnie and Pearl both are). So I put them close to each other (not close enough to fight, though), and guess what? Minnie and Pearl can't stand each other.

     Minnie is very independent, curious, and exploitative, but she can also be sweet and affectionate. She rubs her chin on my hands and arms to "mark" or "claim" me as her own, and she (very rarely) gives me kisses. Raisins are her favorite treat. She loves to explore her playroom (which used to be my younger sister's bedroom) and is always pushing the boundaries of how far she can go. Basically, we set up a fence to keep her out from under the bed, but she enjoys finding creative ways over, around, or under it. She's quite mischievous, and we recently celebrated her third birthday on August 27, 2019. She and Pearl share a birthday hat, and I always take pictures of them with their hat on their birthdays. Minnie loves to nibble the hat, the carpet, cardboard toys, the wooden baseboards, and even clothing, like my socks and pants. She knows two "tricks" that she'll do on command: she wiggles her right ear when I tickle the whiskers on the right side of her face (doesn't work for the left), and she is able to recognize when playtime is over and leave the playroom when I tap her gently on the butt. This only works when I do it, and she refuses to do tricks for my mom or sister, just me.

     I absolutely love my rabbits, but they certainly aren't "easy" or "starter pets." They're very expensive. They need to be spayed or neutered by age three or risk getting cancer, and that's only the beginning. Rabbits are considered "exotic" pets, so only certain vets are qualified to treat them. They need unlimited access to fresh hay and water, as well as limited quantities of pellets and treats. They're very intelligent and get bored easily, so they need toys or other "compatible" rabbit companions. Rabbits are very delicate, especially their digestive systems. They can easily get sick or even die if problems like gas or constipation aren't treated immediately. Basically, if you don't have gobs of time and money with which to indulge your rabbit, don't get one. They are super sweet, affectionate, and adorable, but, for their sake, don't get one unless you have the resources necessary. If you do, though, they are very rewarding pets.

Minnie the Dwarf Rabbit, the Pet of the Day

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