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Pumpkin the Lop mix Rabbit, the Pet of the Day
Name: Pumpkin
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: Lop mix Rabbit
Home: Cliffside Park, New Jersey, USA
   This is Pumpkin "Bunilla" Spice Latte, or Pumpkin for short. A few months before I got Pumpkin, I was introduced to the concept of a vision board. Very simply, a vision board is a physical manifestation of all a person's hopes and dreams, wants and desires, the concept being that consistently visualizing them while working hard and being a good person helps one to achieve these goals. I didn't know if I believed it would really work, but I made one anyway and included a picture of a brown rabbit in the bottom left corner, all this after hearing a neighbor down the block had gotten one, which was when I immediately decided I just had to have one too.

     Months went by, and I continued to be a productive member of society, and I maintained a positive attitude, and out of nowhere, my neighbor's mother decided she was going to get rid of the rabbit because he wasn't taking proper care of her... and my mother stepped in and mentioned to her that I'd be more than happy to take her off their hands while letting him visit her anytime he wanted to. I was floored. It couldn't be possible that hanging a piece of poster board on my bedroom door could make such a difference, could it? But it had to be: Pumpkin looks just like the rabbit in the picture.

     She gives me little bunny kisses, and we cuddle and watch TV together, which makes my dog very jealous. For me, Pumpkin is much more than a pet. She's proof that, if you really want something, and you work hard enough for it, (and you're willing to do things even if you think they're silly,) you can achieve your goals in the end. She is just the best!

Pumpkin the Lop mix Rabbit, the Pet of the Day Pumpkin the Lop mix Rabbit, the Pet of the Day Pumpkin the Lop mix Rabbit, the Pet of the Day

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