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Sonny the South African Boer Goat, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sonny
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: South African Boer Goat
Home: Kerrville, Texas, USA
   Sonny Boy is a South African Boer Goat. He is pictured here with some of his girlfriends. Sonny is approximately 300lbs and is six years old. Unlike the mean stereotypes goat bucks have, he is extremely docile around people. Sonny likes spaghetti and bread. We have many of his kids at the ranch here in Kerrville, Texas.

     Sonny's job is that he is breeder. He doesn't do tricks and knows no games, but Sonny is special anyway. He has a great personality, and is very gentle. The breed is gentle, not like its cousin, Spanish meat goats. We have a few other bucks but Sonny is the largest, so he is the boss. He is extremely strong and could easily break down a fence if he wanted, but he doesn't. He's just saying hello in this picture, and was curious about the camera! Everyone loves Sonny, and I bet you would, too!

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