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Missy the Netherland, Dutch Dwarf Rabbit cross, the Pet of the Day
Name: Missy
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Netherland, Dutch Dwarf Rabbit cross
Home: Staffordshire, England, UK
   Missy came to us when she was two years old, her old family had too many rabbits to look after, so some of them had to go, she was one of them. She loves carrots, cabbage, chocolate and anything else that is bad for her; she also enjoys sunbathing (pictured above), watching T.V, going for walks on her harness and visiting her friends. Her favourite thing to do is watching the T.V and jumping over jumps in the garden.

      She is very cheeky and when she comes inside I can't go anywhere without her following. She sits at the table with us while we have breakfast and then we go and watch some T.V, she runs ahead and somehow manages to spread her little self all over the comfiest part of the sofa. She always manages to steal most of my ice-cream and spread herself back out before I notice. Sometimes if she is bored, she will look around the rest of her house to check everything is in order. If anybody is in the house that shouldn't be they soon know about it and so do we.

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