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Pele the Hawkhead Parrot, the Pet of the Day
Name: Pele
Age: Seventeen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Hawkhead Parrot
Home: Shropshire, England, UK
   I would like to honor the following on behalf of a good friend of mine. Pele is a male Hawkhead Parrot who is now seventeen years old. We live in Shropshire in England. Pele is my friend`s first ever parrot and probably the best loved. (Just don't tell the others.) She had never had a parrot before and fell head over heels in love with Hawkheads while out at my breeders, viewing my new Greenwing Macaw baby.

     Believe it or not, before bringing this stroppy little bundle of hell into her home she had always thought that parrots were very expensive feather dusters! Now she knows so much better, thanks to Pele!

     Hello there, my name is Pele and I'm a Hawkhead Parrot. I live in Shropshire, UK with my Mum, Midge. I am very special because I was my Mum`s first ever parrot, we now have 18!! But I know that I'm her best boy! I know this because she even dyes her hair the same colours as me.)

     I am really very much a Jekyll and Hyde character, sweet as honey one minute and a complete demon the next! I love to lie upside down in my Mum`s arms have have her cuddle and skritch me until I fall asleep. I'm not really very happy to be handled by other people, I'm a Mummy`s boy. My Mum had a special aviary built onto our house so that us birds can play outside all day, it`s great. I think my Mum would be very proud to see me as pet of the day, esp. as she has no idea I'm writing in!

Pele the Hawkhead Parrot, the Pet of the Day

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