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Buddy the Lutino Peach-faced Lovebird, the Pet of the Day
Name: Buddy
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Lutino Peach-faced Lovebird
Home: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
   Here's a close-up photo of Buddy my lovebird. She's a beautiful girl and loves her Daddy (me) but can be very sassy to other people.

     She's not my first pet bird, I've had birds all my life. As far as personality she loves singing to me, she flies over and lands on my shoulder and preens me and likes being blown on. Her best friend is her cage mate Rocky. They love coming out to play and get into trouble. Buddy has a bad habit where she flies into the kitchen and chews on cereal boxes and sugar twin packs.

     Buddy doesn't really do tricks other then being a super mom. She's had three clutches so far. Right now she's taking care of three beautiful babies. Her favorite treats would be millet. She gets excited when she sees me coming with the bag. She's very independent compared to some of the flock members. She also likes going for car rides. Every summer I take them for a long car ride to my mother's where they get to visit Ivy, who is my 16-year-old dutch blue Lovebird that lives with my mom for company. All in all, she's a sweet heart and so cute.

Buddy the Lutino Peach-faced Lovebird, the Pet of the Day

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