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CENTER> Jenny the African Grey Parrot, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jenny
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: African Grey Parrot
Home: Texarkana, Texas, USA
   This is Jenny, our African Grey parrot. Jenny is a three and a half year old female. African Greys are great birds to have as family members, as they "associate" talk. If the phone rings, she says "Hello" before you've even had a chance to do so yourself! If you grab your keys to go to work, she knows what that means, and it's time to say, "bye bye."

     These parrots can be very affectionate and love to be with their owners. They learn very quickly, so you have to remember not to laugh when they do something naughty, or they will think "great, she likes it!" and do it again!

     Cooking for these birds is also an experience, you would be surprised at the things they eat. All pasta, for example, needs to be shared, or we hear about it! Jenny certainly keeps life fun of all of us.

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