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Blackberry & Crumble, Dwarf Rabbits, the Pet of the Day
Name: Blackberry, Crumble
Age: Four months old, Three months old
Gender: Male, Female
Kind: Netherland Dwarf Rabbit, Dutch Lop Rabbit
Home: Andover, England, United Kingdom
   Meet Blackberry and Crumble, two very cuddly and adorable rabbits who have just recently come to live with their new mummy, Joan in Andover, England. Blackberry is a Netherland Dwarf, and Crumble is a Dutch Lop, although her ears are not very loppy, one up and one down!

     They share Joan's attentions with her grandsons Harry and Jamie, and Jock, a West Highland Terrier. Jock is not too sure yet that they are a good addition to the household, but will greet them nose-to-nose through the wire on their hutch, trying to make friends. They however, much prefer being cuddled by Harry and Jamie, and of course Mum!

     They have their own separate hutches, a rabbit run in the conservatory, and lots of good treats to eat. They are very special in that they cheer Mummy when she is sad, and have lots of bunny kisses ready for anyone who wants them - even Jock!

Blackberry the Netherland Dwarf Rabbit, the Pet of the Day Crumble the Dwarf Lop Rabbit, the Pet of the Day

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