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Miss Piggy the African Clawed Frog, the Pet of the Day
Name: Miss Piggy
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female
Kind: African Clawed Frog
Home: Cohoes, New York
   I bought Miss Piggy when I was in college. She was very tiny. The pet store told me that she was a dwarf frog. She lived with a lot of small fish. She grew a little bigger, but I noticed that my fish were missing. It did not occur to me at first that she was eating them. She ate all the fish and was named Miss Piggy. I found out that she is actually an African Clawed Frog. Now she is very large. She will eat anything that she can stuff in her mouth.

     I have tried a variety of tanks for her. One time I tried a nice long but shallow tank so she could easily go up for air. She hopped out. I looked for her for days when I heard a rustle. She was hopping on a plastic bag. She was all dusty but safe. She currently lives in a 20 gallon tank. It is tall. When she wants air she will press down on the ground and jet up to the top. Sometimes she goes too fast and bonks the top. When she sleeps, she floats on the top with her nostrils out of the water.

     She has another frog for a tank mate named Speedy. He is smaller than she is. They love to swim around and hide under the plants. She is special because she is a totally aquatic frog. She is fun to feed and watch swim. She will come up and take food out of your hand.

Miss Piggy the African Clawed Frog, the Pet of the Day

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