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Mercedez the American Quarter Horse, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mercedez
Age: Nineteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: American Quarter Horse
Home: Roseau, Minnesota, USA
   Mercedez is my beautiful 16-hand show mare that I purchased in the fall of 2002. She was two years old when I bought her and she turned nineteen on the 25th of February. Mercedez is special to me because she is my best friend and my teammate. We have been through many victories and losses in the show ring together, and each one has brought us even closer.

     Mercedez has plenty of personality! She entertains everyone with her crazy antics. From eating fake flowers to sticking her tongue out at the judge, she knows how to make everyone laugh!

     In Mercedez' first halter class, we were standing in the lineup, when the judge burst into laughter. I had no idea what was going on, so I looked at my horse, and her tongue was sticking out! The judge had to come and tell me why she was laughing. She wasn't used to having show horses stick their tongues out at her. That was quite an experience, but it was only the beginning of a show season full of amusement!

     More than eight trophies and many wins later, Mercedez has the same vibrant personality! She has matured quite a bit, but still loves to entertain! Not to mention her weird appetite! She doest like grain and alfalfa, but most of all she loves hotdog buns. Sometimes in the early morning before our first class starts, Mercedez and I will share our morning breakfast. We both love to eat Waffle Crisp cereal!

     I've owned many horses in my lifetime, but Mercedez is definitely one I will never forget! From her goofy stunts to her willing personality, she is a horse that everyone has to love!!

Mercedez the American Quarter Horse, the Pet of the Day

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