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Milo the Marshall Ferret, the Pet of the Day
Name: Milo
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Marshall Ferret
Home: Elk River, Minnesota, USA
   This is Milo, my dear rescue boy. What makes him special? Well the fact that he is the cutest little "furret" that you ever did see. And that he'll cuddle up in your pants that are lying haphazardly on the ground, or a jacket sleeve etc. Also that he'll lick your face/arm/foot is it has water, makeup or just dried sweat (ew I know, but he likes it!). He's also really good at not freaking out when you flip him in the air! He thinks it is fun, and don't worry, I never let him fall. He always chatters away adorably when I catch him!

     Milo is agile and can climb up on the furniture to fetch his own treats. He moves with precision and is very delicate on his feet. He likes to be stroked behind his ears. He makes me smile just by being his adorable self!

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