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Gary the Snail, the Pet of the Day
Name: Gary
Age: Three and one half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Snail
Home: New York, New York, USA
   Gary the Snail has been an endless supply of entertainment for the last three ++ years. Just tonight I had him eating from my finger tips! Kind of. He lives with Edwin, a beta, and sometimes visits Ruben's tank, another beta, if Ruben is looking lonely. Just today, though, I got Ruben his own snail tank-mate, larry. Gary used to be named Princess, after my friend Fall's deceased pet. But I felt a more manly name was appropriate. [Sorry Fall!]

     Gary is kind of nocturnal, like his species is meant to be. During my dinner time he starts cruising the tank, which is a giant brandy snifter. He loves to glide up to the top of the water line and then suddenly let go and free fall to the bottom. We often are startled by the clink he makes hitting the bottom of his tank! He is quite the lounger- hanging precariously on some fake greenery, catching the rays from the lamp above.

      When I got him, he caught my eye by frantically pacing back and forth on the walls of the pet store's tank. I had to have him. And at $1.29, he was quite the bargain! He was more ochre back then. And a tad smaller. He has "built" about half a centimeter of new shell since then, but has gotten darker from all the algae that seems to love to cling to him. Well, that is Gary, in a snail-shell. I adore him! Remember, a slug is just a naked snail!

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