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Harley the Quarter Horse, the Pet of the Day
Name: Harley
Age: Twenty years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Quarter Horse
Home: Pulaski, Wisconsin, USA
   Harley is the blondest of our Quarter Horses, and he is now 20 years old. Harley is the biggest sweetheart on the planet. Little kids - even ones as little at two years old - can ride him safely without help.

     If you look in his top photo, you can see the tiny saddle he wears for his littlest riders. Some horses are not comfortable with children, and seem extra nervous around them, whether it is because their small size makes it hard to see them, or what. And of course a child does not exert nearly as much pressure on a horse's back, or on the reins, but Harley responds to them just as we would an adult rider. He can be ridden western and English. He does enjoy running full out when not under saddle, and showing off his Quarter Horse turning ability and quick sprints. We all love Harley.

Harley the Quarter Horse, the Pet of the Day Harley the Quarter Horse, the Pet of the Day

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