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Sniffy the Ferret, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sniffy
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: Ferret
Home: Ossining, New York, USA
   This is Sniffy. She is a ferret. Sniffy has been living with me for eight years, though I do not know how old she is for certain. She was bought at the pet store on June 26, 2010 as a High School Graduation present for my brother. When he moved to Maine in 2016, I was left to take care of her.

     At a young age, Sniffy was always spoiled and treated like a queen. She has a personality where she would glare at you whenever you do something wrong. She usually does it to me than to my brother. Sniffy almost acts like a cat than a ferret. She loves to walk around, but she doesn't like to play with the other ferrets or toys. At times she will take a stress ball and take it away or steal my brush, but she is not that active like my other ferrets.

     She is a very picky ferret. But I love her dearly for it. Her glares always seem to make me laugh because it's like giving her a voice. As of today, she is a bit more calm, but that glare is still there. This queen is forever loved and still reigning in the household.

Sniffy the Ferret, the Pet of the Day Sniffy the Ferret, the Pet of the Day

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