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Painter the Painted Turtle, the Pet of the Day
Name: Painter
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Painted Turtle
Home: Wisconsin, USA
   We have had Painter ever since he was a hatchling. He's a very special turtle, because he (and now Pebble) used to be wild. He's also a very cool little guy :). When my younger brother first found him, he was floating around in a fairly small pond, by a lake called Bluegill Lake. He was, at the time, as small as quarter, but now he is a big, strong, and happy turtle. Painter also has his own way of letting us know when he's hungry. He'll swim furiously against the glass of his tank, and when we give him his food, he'll tear it to shreds, lol. He also loves getting new things. One time, when we got him a new tank, he was VERY excited :). My brother loves taking care of turtles, so I think he has a good home :D

     We just took on another little painted turtle, whom we named Pebble. He's an extremely cute and lovable turtle hatchling, and we are happy to have him. My brother (the one who also found Painter) found him while we were at my softball game, and almost stepped on him. When he found him, a fairly large crowd gathered to look at him while my brother asked for a cup and a little water at the concession stand. Now he seems happy, healthy and we hope he turns into a big, strong, happy turtle like his older "brother" Painter!

Painter the Painted Turtle, the Pet of the Day

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