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Marco the Western Fence Lizard, the Pet of the Day
Name: Marco
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Western Fence Lizard
Home: Colorado, USA
   Marco is special because of his ability to make friends. He is very sweet and loves to watch '' and cat videos. Marco helps me regulate myself and I feel calmer with him and my anxiety has improved. I have had Fence Lizards before because they have short lifespans but Marco has made an impact in his short life. They live here in Colorado so I wanted a pet the is local. If he were to get loose he could make it on his own okay and would not hurt the environment.

     He can recognize his name sometimes. He is calm, sweet and likes to be petted around his ear and sides. He likes to be social and gets lonely during the day if kept alone. Marco likes to eat crickets, grasshoppers, and mealworms. I catch them in the wild if I can.

     He does change colors. In the summer he has red and green on him but in the winter he is more muted in color, as is the Colorado landscape outside.

     He is an older pet so I help him from time to time by moving the grasshoppers I feed him to better angles. He only eats live bugs.

Marco the Western Fence Lizard, the Pet of the Day Marco the Western Fence Lizard, the Pet of the Day

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