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Mars the Gerbil, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mars
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Gerbil
Home: Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
   Hi, this is Mars , my desert mouse - they are also called gerbils in English. He's two years old and has a brother with the name of Snickers. His food is a special gerbil food and he drinks water.

     He has a little wooden house and grasses, because he sleeps in there, it is his shelter. He can sleep all the time, it's so cute.

     Mars is a sweet, black gerbil and he likes me and my family and my friends, but he doesn't like warm water! It's very important him that the water is cold and fresh, or he will not drink it!

     I think Mars is the sweetest gerbil in the world and I love him very much.

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