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Susi the German Pony, the Pet of the Day
Name: Susi
Age: Forty-two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: German Pony
Home: Moritzburg, Germany
   My pet is a pony and her name is Susi. She is not technically my pony, but I love her. She lives in Moritzburg near Dresden in Germany. I visit her every fall, and other holidays, and look forward to it every time we have a chance to get together. She is black, brown and a bit white and fluffy, the white is only because she is 42 years old. And I can't ride her because she hasn't got enough power, because sof her age, but I like to walk with her outside.

     Her favourite way to spend time is to eat. ;) She likes to eat all the time. She is very impudent, too. When I go with her and she sees the green grass, she starts running. She likes delicious food, for example carrots. But she is a nice pony, and I like her very much!

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