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Thunder the Welsh Mountain Pony, the Pet of the Day
Name: Thunder
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Welsh Mountain Pony
Home: British Columbia, Canada
   Thunder is a really proud, showy horse who loves to prance, run, and buck. He can open gates, barn doors and he is really good at opening latches. He always has his head held high and he acts like an Arabian. He is very photogenic too.

     He is my third Welsh pony, and he is a Welsh mountain pony section B. I got him from the same place my second pony was from. I loved his attitude/personality and he caught my eye with his Arabian-like features. I ride him a lot but he loves to buck and I find my self on the ground a lot when riding him (I get bucked off quite a bit due to his attitude).

     In case you are wondering, Section B is just the class, there is section A, B and C for Welsh ponies. Section B ponies are a bit bigger than the section A and they act like Arabians. His favourite gaits would have to be a trot or a gallop his trot is more like a prance he loves to show off how fast he is to. He loves to be out in the pasture, on trail rides but his favorite would be when I do show jumping with him, he always jumps way higher than the jump and he loves to run at the jumps.

     He is very intelligent, he is affectionate on some days and independent on other days it always depends on his mood. He is very unpredictable! He has let himself into barns, and hay pens and he has let himself out of his pen. I have three different latches set on everything to keep him out of it (he figured out the first and second one but he hasn't figured out the third one ... yet). One day he let six other horses out and I had ask my neighbor to help herd them in with the quad. I couldn't catch them I tried for a few hours and gave up! But I love Thunder just as he is!


Thunder the Welsh Mountain Pony, the Pet of the Day Thunder the Welsh Mountain Pony, the Pet of the Day Thunder the Welsh Mountain Pony, the Pet of the Day

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