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Gojira the Bearded Dragon, the Pet of the Day
Name: Gojira
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Bearded Dragon
Home: Montana, USA
   My first certified therapy animal in Montana was a bearded dragon named Stevie Ray. Sadly, we lost Stevie Ray when he was barely 2, to kidney failure of unknown origin.

     It took about three miracles, all the cash I had on hand, and a 14-hour round trip, but I was able to locate and adopt this beautiful four and a half year-old boy, originally named Gary but now known as Goji, short for Gojira - the biggest dragon ever to walk out of the sea and stomp Tokyo flat. I own over 20 Godzilla titles on DVD and Goji here really seems to like watching them with me. A hearty shout-out to Little Lives Rescue in Kennewick, Washington, they went above and beyond to help Goji and I find each other.

     Gojira is also a certified therapy companion animal, and as such he is a necessary part of my daily life. His duties include: distract me from anxiety/panic triggers, watch movies, get petted, meet new people, go on walks on the leash, administer Bath Time Stink-Eye, eat the clover and dandelions in the yard until it gets weed-treated, ride in trucks, get treats (blueberries are a huge favorite), and just generally be the best bearded dragon he can. He is very good at all aspects of his duties, and I hope we get ten good years together, now that multiple locals have told me about their beardies reaching age fourteen.

     As you can see from his photo, he has vanquished his namesake quite thoroughly, although not with the same violence he applies to the plush toy bearded dragon that I have to keep hidden!

Gojira the Bearded Dragon, the Pet of the Day Gojira the Bearded Dragon, the Pet of the Day

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