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Spirit the Quarter Horse, the Pet of the Day
Name: Spirit
Age: Eleven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Quarter Horse
Home: Buckeye, Arizona, USA
   Spirit was first introduced to my eyes on CraigsList, I had fell in love with that horse the moment I saw him but I knew there was no way I could get him then and there by how the add was typed. It was when I had showed my neighbor the add that without me knowing days later; she had called to get the horse.

     Randomly one day I received a call from my neighbor to come on by, so I did. I saw him, Spirit! he was walking with her horse but what was funny was that she was trying him out for her first to see if he would fit in and it was my luck that he didn't. So I worked out a plan to buy him off her which I did. It was then that she told me his name was "studly"... "What?!" I exclaimed. I did not like that name at all and so that day when he came home with me I pondered in my head a good name.

     The next morning came and as I was walking over to his pen to feed him; I watched him move about. Then it hit me. "Spirit!" I said aloud and boy did his head pop up quickly lol That was his name and it sure did stick quickly. This horse is special to me and so I wanted to give him a special name after the most special animated horse movie of all time for me. "Spirit" ! And he agred!

     He is grade Quarter horse and that metallic gold shine is either a "pearl" or "Champagne" gene. it is common in the dun horses or so what I researched ^.^ But he is very pretty in the summer with that coat! I love him very much!

Spirit the Quarter Horse, the Pets of the Day Spirit the Quarter Horse, the Pets of the Day

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