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Jack and Lora the Rabbits, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jack, Lora
Age: Eight years old, Five years old
Gender: Male, Female
Kind: Rabbit
Home: Nieder-Olm, Germany
   hi, these are my rabbits Jack and Lora. Jack is a black male and Lora is a white and golden brown female. They're both pretty big for a rabbits. They live in a very big hutch in our garden in Nieder-Olm, Germany. They love to eat rabbit food with fresh carrots. Sometimes in the summer they like watermelons very much. They jump in the air and turn around if they are happy.

     Lora likes playing with a ball with a bell. it is so cute, she likes the sound it makes when she plays with it! Jack is a special rabbit because he is always hungry. He would rather eat than play any day, even though he is well fed! I really love their fur because it is very pretty and soft. I love to pet them, and they like that, too I can't live without them. I really love Jack and Lora.

Jack and Lora the Rabbits, the Pet of the Day

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