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Anastasia the Ball Python, the Pet of the Day
Name: Anastasia
Age: Eight and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Ball Python
Home: Grandview Plaza, Kansas, USA
   Anastasia is a very sweet reptile. She's never bitten me or anyone, and her special talent, (Though she's none the wiser) is that when she curls up around my neck for warmth and gives a little rippling squeeze, she cures of me nasty migraines I get quite often. Isn't that neat?

     Anasasia is over five feet long. She's doesn't know her name because snakes can't hear! Sort of. They can hear vibrations due to an internal ear drum-like structure within their heads. I purchased her at Reptile World here in Manhattan KS. I was looking for my second ball python to increase my starting collection. The owner showed her to me, as she was a new arrival, and when I held her, it was pretty much love. She was very gentle, she wasn't aggressive, and curled up around my neck wanting me to take her home. I paid $200 for her, and that is simply because she was a full grown adult female.

     She's very affectionate in the way that she gently rubs her head against your cheek now and then, whether or not that is for affection is up to her, snakes don't really show affection or the intelligence to show emotions. They can't blink, and with enough handling and care they grow to "Tolerate" us. But she does help me in a therapeutic way. And she does that by doing what she does naturally. She curls around my neck and squeezes slightly to absorb the warmth from my body. :) Snakes can't regulate their body temperature, so by instincts they will find some place warm, or some place cool. When it comes to other people, she is very calm with them, I always have them wash their hands before handling her just in case she smells something yummy and decides to taste it. I want people to be alright with snakes, not afraid of them, and an accidental bite could scare someone, even a child. But Anastasia hasn't bitten anyone who's handled her, and has been a very awesome pet.

Anastasia the Ball Python, the Pet of the Day

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