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Peanut the Jaguar Carpet Python, the Pet of the Day
Name: Peanut
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Jaguar Carpet Python
Home: Hervey Bay, Australia
   I got Peanut as a hatching about four years ago. I've watched him grow up into the handsome fella he is now. Peanut has a very chill attitude. Spending time with him helps me to unwind and gives me inspiration in times of need.

     Peanut was the first "fancy" snake I got and started my journey into the world of morphs. A morph is another way of saying genetic mutation, meaning that he doesn't look like a snake you would find in the wild. these traits are also inheritable via breeding.

     Peanut has two genes that are visible. The first is the Jaguar gene that affects his markings and pattern, making him very reduced in pattern when compered to wild type animals. The second gene is the caramel gene , that one affects his color it greatly reduces the amount of black pigments in his scales giving him the light cream / caramel appearance. Both of these genes are co-dominant and would show in some of the babies if he was paired to a wild type female.

     Sometimes Peanut will make a mess of his enclosure and I have to give him a bath. He's not very fond of having to have a bath. These pictures were taken right after Peanut had moulted - shed his skin, and the new scales are always so shiny, that is why he looks so pretty!

Peanut the Jaguar Carpet Python, the Pet of the Day Peanut the Jaguar Carpet Python, the Pet of the Day

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