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Bambi the White-Tailed Deer, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bambi
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: White-Tailed Deer
Home: Innisfil, Ontario, Canada
   This is Bambi, he is a white-tailed deer. He was born on Father's Day a year and a half ago. He was found abandoned by his mother and my grandpa adopted him on his fish farm.'We bottle fed him for most of his first year and every once and a while as a treat he still gets some milk. When he was little he would buck around and try to do head butting wars.'He loves to run around the fish ponds and race us around the pond. He Gives lots of kisses and he loves apples and peanuts. For the first little while he lived in a pen, so no animals could get him because he was below our knees (he was a tiny little feller.) Now he can come and go freely, and his head is now at about our shoulders. He wears yellow or orange ribbons to tell hunters that he is a tame deer. We sometimes see him with other deer, but the others are afraid to come near. On Christmas he wore a red ribbon around his neck and bells. He does lots of funny stuff and he bahhh's like a sheep.

     He is a really cool, cute pet.

     He is hard to catch on camera now, as we don't want to scare away any deer he has brought with him, so we have to take pictures through the door. As you can see, though, he still knows us, and comes right up to the door!

Bambi the White-Tailed Deer, the Pet of the Day Bambi the White-Tailed Deer, the Pet of the Day

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