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Princess the Miniature Horse, the Pet of the Day
Name: Princess
Age: Fourteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Miniature Horse
Home: Suffield, Ohio, USA
   Princess, also known as Chubbs, is a full-grown miniature horse. She is fourteen years old, and lives with me here in Suffield, OH. We got her when we first got our horses and she was just a pet. But then when we started doing pony parties we thought that it would be cool to let the kids brush her. Her favorite things to do are eat, do tricks to get treats, eat, get her hair done, and eat. She knows a lot of tricks, including shake, rear up, sit, lay down, grunt, and smile (there's a picture of her doing that) for the camera. She's very laid back - today we took her for a walk down the road!

     What's unique about Chubbs is that she is more than just a loved pet - she works every weekend doing pony parties. She lets all the little kids brush her and put hair clips in her hair. Her favorite part of the party is when everyone leaves, and she gets to come out and eat all of the leftovers off the floor. She also goes through the trash and eats all the birthday cake! (There's a pic of her with icing on her face.) She is okay with all the fussing and noises delighted children make, which makes her very special; even with blue frosting on her face! She's very patient with them as long as she is eating her hay while she's getting brushed!

Princess the Miniature Horse, the Pet of the Day Princess the Miniature Horse, the Pet of the Day

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