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Mopsy and Fluffy the Netherland Dwarf, American Sable mix Rabbits, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mopsy, Fluffy
Age: Ten and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Netherland Dwarf, American Sable mix Rabbit
Home: Australian Capital Territory, Australia
   My rabbits are phenomenal rabbits, we adopted the sisters from the same litter 10 years ago from the RSPCA. Mopsy is the grey and white rabbit, and Fluffy is the brown and white rabbit. They have lovely personalities, always wanting pats and food. Fluffy's favourite food is banana, and Mopsy LOVES apricots. They were born February 2, 2009.

     What makes them special, is their weight loss transformation. They used to weigh in at 3.5-4kg each, but when on a weight loss journey, as recommend by their vet. They lost 1.5kg each, from healthy eating (mostly hay), and lots of garden time, eating grass and running around enjoying the sunshine on their fur. Now, they have a new (much lighter) zest for life, still hopping around 10 years later.

     Along with their old age, they are blind and arthritic, but with daily medication, a little treat here and there, and with each others company, they love every minute of life. Both here are tucking into some delicious grass and hay! Mmmmhmmm!

Mopsy and Fluffy the Netherland Dwarf, American Sable mix Rabbits, the Pet of the Day

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