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Luna the Chinchilla, the Pet of the Day
Name: Luna
Age: Six and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Chinchilla
Home: Shirley, New York, USA
   Luna is lovable and chases you around from within her cage until you give her attention, popcorns almost all the time because she so happy. Luna loves to sit on my shoulder whenever she get out of her cage.

     She's my first Chinchilla. She was a gift from my boyfriend since he knew how much I love cute fluffy animals. I haven't taught her any tricks, but she does tricks on her own like running sideways across the back of my couch or walking on her back feet like a little person or in her wheel. She likes to play in the blanket I leave on the couch, she'll roll around on it, but her favorite thing to do i s tunnel through it. Her favorite treats are raisins and plain Cheerios! I love Luna!

Luna the Chinchilla, the Pet of the Day

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