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Tangi the Tangerine Gecko, the Pet of the Day
Name: Tangi
Age: Three and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tangerine Gecko
Home: Glendale, California, USA
   Tangi is a really beautiful gecko. We thought she was a leopard gecko. My daughter named her Tangi, but it wasn't until after we named her that we found out she was actually a Tangerine Gecko. How cool is that?!

     Tangi has a new friend named Blaze. Blaze is a similar breed, but younger and smaller. They share a tank and cuddle together. They eat crickets and enjoy basking in the light and getting misted with water.

     Geckos make excellent pets and are pretty easy to take care of. Of course you need to create the right habitat and maintain the proper temperatures for them, but the work is worth it.

Tangi the Tangerine Gecko, the Pet of the Day

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