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Billy the Gerbil, the Pet of the Day
Name: Billy
Age: Two and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Gerbil
Home: Hampshire, England, UK
   Billy the partly blind gerbil has been one of my greatest challenge, although he can see something and movement he does tend to run into items and misjudge climbing down my shoulder. Apart from that he is a very happy, fiery gerbil with excellent hearing. He and I can have a conversation for a good ten minutes before he demands his breakfast.

     Billy was in the adoption section in the pet shop as no one wanted him because of a "biting issue." (This is mainly, of course, because he can't see what coming pick him up.) It - has taken him a long time for him to trust us, and he still tend to bite my sister and my mum - or if you mess his house up but they are more nips than bites now.

     He is a grumpy boy, but quite dear, that is what give him character! I've always loved the naughty ones and he makes a great guard gerbil, but deep down he is a sweetie that loves his kisses !

     We love you Billy!

Billy the Gerbil, the Pet of the Day Billy the Gerbil, the Pet of the Day

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