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CENTER> Bun Bun, Sugar the Rabbits,  the Pet of the Day
Name: Bun Bun, Sugar t
Age: Eight months old, Six months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Mini Rex Rabbit, Mini Lop Rabbit
Home: California, USA
   I know you usually only feature one pet a day, but I couldn't resist sending in pictures of my bonded pair of buns.

     The bunny with perky ears is Bun Bun, lop ears is Sugar. Bun Bun is about eights months old and Sugar is just six months old. Bun Bun is a mini-rex mix, Sugar is a mini-lop.

     Bun Bun is a laid-back, affectionate mini-rex. He loves attention and enjoys people petting him all the time. Bun Bun is the star bunny in the household because everyone adores him. Whenever someone walks into the room, he starts running around the person and does his bunny dance. Many times during the day Bun Bun plops himself on the bed and asks to be petted. Of course nobody can resist his cute little face and perky ears, so the petting sessions can last up to half and hour. Although Sugar's the hyperactive one, Bun Bun is the dominant bunny of the two. Generally, he's a lazy bunny but becomes more active when he's given food. Often times, he hogs all the food and ends up eating Sugar's share of pellets.

     A curious, shy, and extremely hyper bunny. Do not be fooled by his long lop ears, cute face, Sugar is.... a.... boy. Of course we didn't know that until after four months when he began showing "signs". Sugar is known for misbehaving, and getting into all kinds of trouble. One time he even jumped into the toilet bowl! He is always running away from people who try to pet him. Although he's not very affectionate towards humans, Sugar loves to snuggle next to Bun Bun and lick his ears. When he was first brought into the house and confined in his cage, Bun Bun ran up to him and started kissing his face! When the two are together frolicking, they are the ultimate pooping machines. Sugar is the submissive one so he follows Bun Bun everywhere.

Bun Bun, Sugar the Rabbits,  the Pet of the Day

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