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Polly the Pony,  the Pet of the Day
Name: Polly
Age: Twenty-two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Pony
Home: Bad Iburg, Germany
   My name is Simone. In our english lessons we talk about our pets and I told every one about my pony. My pet's name is Polly and it is a pony. She is brown and she has a white star on her forehead. I think she is very pretty. She is now 22 years old.

     On our farm, there is enough room for her to live there. She leads an exciting life, as we often go to competitions with her. I love my pony because she is simply wonderful!! Some people think she is only ten because she is so pretty and does not look like an older horse at all, but we know she is as young as she feels. I hope she lives a very long time. She is clever and sweet and fun, and she is my little Polly pony.

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