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Houdini the Sable Hamster,  the Pet of the Day
Name: Houdini
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Sable Hamster
Home: Lincolnshire, England, UK
   Houdini Hamster is named after the famous escapologist. We learned of his remarkable talent on the day he was bought. We went out to buy a Syrian Golden hamster but whilst the assistant prepared to catch our choice, a Syrian Sable emerged from his bed. He ran to the front and began begging. He was the only Sable there, larger than his golden counterparts, probably older. What should we do? The decision was instant; he was popped into the carry box.

     The store was in Boston, a train journey from home. The trains are hourly; there was a three-quarter of an hour wait until the next. We browsed around other shops to fill time. Our little friend must have become bored; he began to chew through the cardboard pet- carrier until there was a good chance that he could squeeze through the hole he had made. We went into a shop we known to be friendly and asked for a cardboard box. The shopkeeper was anxious that our pet didn't get loose to attack his stock. He gave us a larger, far stronger cardboard box. Thanking him, we left then hurried to the station.

     Sitting in the train was a relief; Dad would meet us at the other end, in the car. From the box came loud scrapings and sounds of chewing, which drew curious looks from all around us. Even above the sounds of the train starting up, Houdini could be heard. The train drew out of the station with a roar then promptly stopped, broken down. We were turned off the train then faced a long wait while the train was cleared from blocking the track, at least an hour, we were told. Now a small sable head, with teddy-bear features was emerging through a hole. There seemed no way that he would still be there in an hour's time so we called Dad and he begun a dash to rescue us. We started to walk, to meet the car and to keep our little friend amused.

     Getting into the car was a relief, now we could hold the errant hamster we had started to call Chewy Hughie, in our hands. At home, he escaped again, jumped from the table and disappeared. After frantic searching we found him, building a nest in a bundle of wires. We popped him into his own little home and at last, he settled down.

     A few days later he escaped from his hamster ball after running it around the house at fantastic speeds, for a hamster. This time he didn't run away but waited to be picked up. He clearly liked his new home and has become an adorable pet, but one we still have to watch closely! We love our Houdini!

Houdini the Sable Hamster,  the Pet of the Day Houdini the Sable Hamster,  the Pet of the Day

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