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Butkus the Desert Tortiose,  the Pet of the Day
Name: Butkus
Age: Nineteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Desert Tortiose
Home: Henderson, Nevada, USA
   Butkus is a nineteen-year-old desert tortoise. We named him after Dick Butkus, the great former Chicago Bears football player. We have had Butkus for about 18 years. He was less than 6 inches long when we adopted him. He his now over 18 inches long. He lives in Nevada, a good place for a desert tortoise.

     His favorite food is Broccoli. He likes to share it with our three-year-old Maltese Mollie, who strangely also enjoys it! He also love dandelion greens and flowers and cactus pads and flowers. He hibernates from mid October till mid March and we are always glad to see him re-emerge! We know he will be settled in October, and we miss him over the winter, but know that's just what tortoises do! We love him.

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