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Lexus the Crested Gecko,  the Pet of the Day
Name: Lexus
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Crested Gecko
Home: Williamson, West Virginia, USA
   Lexus was the start of an addiction for me and my family. She was my very first Crested Gecko I received as a birthday gift from my husband. Back then she was so tiny weighing only 1g & just plain tan in coloring nothing real fancy. I fell in love with this tiny gecko with a sweet personality. Before long I started buying more of these wonderful geckos - yes I became gecko crazy - I became a hobby breeder.

     Now Lexus turned out to be even more special she went from a plain tan baby to an amazing Red Harlequin Adult. She is now the start of my first breeding project Sky High Geckos Strawberry Shortcake Line. Crested Geckos are extremely easy to care for & they make amazingly fun pets. Like with all animals do research before buying to ensure you're getting the right pet for your family.

Lexus the Crested Gecko,  the Pet of the Day Lexus the Crested Gecko,  the Pet of the Day

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