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Tulip the Golden Syrian Hamster,  the Pet of the Day
Name: Tulip
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Golden Syrian Hamster
Home: Greensboro, North Carolina, USA
   My hamster, Tulip, is very special to me because she is very sweet and gentle and is a great buddy when I get lonely. I got Tulip four days before my 11th birthday and that was about one year ago. When I went to the pet store I originally wanted a dwarf hamster but when I got into the store i saw her and she was in a cage alone. I felt so bad for her that I had to get her. A girl that worked at the store said that she was her favorite hamster in the store and that she got her out to play often.That was good because I knew that she wouldn't be too shy to play with at home. She is a Syrian Hamster.

     I couldn't decide what to name her for three days until finally I chose Tulip! I chose that name because I had gotten her on the first day of spring and tulips are my favorite flower. Tulip's favorite food is wheat bread crust and she loves to run around on the living room couch while I watch TV or read. Tulip used to run so much that she would keep me up at night when she was on her wheel. I had to buy a silent wheel and now she runs all night without making loud noise. She is very smart too. She gathers up the best bedding in her cage and piles it in one corner for the warmest , coziest place to sleep.

     I love Tulip and I will be so devastated when she leaves me, but I know pets don't live forever.

Tulip the Golden Syrian Hamster,  the Pet of the Day

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