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Bonzai and Geronimo the Coatimundi,  the Pet of the Day
Name: Bonzai and Geronimo
Age: Four months old
Gender: Male
Kind: White-nosed Coatimundi
Home: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
   This is Bonzai (red) and Geronimo (black) hanging out in the older boys' hammock. They are both exactly four months old and are White-nosed Coatimundi.

     What makes my babies special? Coatimundis are probably one of the most loving animals that I have ever had the pleasure of being owned by. They are very mischievous and I would never leave one unattended in the house because they are great at demolition. They love to stick their noses into everything, this includes your nose or ears if you give them a chance. They get very attached to their humans and love to be held. They also make great bed partners. Once you have been owned by a Coati, you will want to add more of them to your family.

     Bonzai is a strawberry blonde white nose and Geronimo is the "normal" color for a Coatimundi They are not siblings but where both born on the same day from different litters. Coati's are native to the southern tip of Texas, Mexico and Arizona. In Texas you have to prove that you bought them from a USDA breeder because they are a protected species. It really depends on where you live whether or not you need a special permit to have them as pets. In Texas I lived out in the country, and I did not need a permit.

     The personality of the Coatimundi is a lot like that of a Raccoon. They love to run away with shiny things and their little hands have no problems opening jars, taking pictures off the wall, removing the knobs off the stove and pulling the dishes out of your cabinets.

     My boys don't know any tricks but they love to play in their outdoor enclosure. It's equipped with some playground equipment such as a swing and a slide. The bottom of the enclosure has sand in it since they love to dig also. In the summer time they like to play in one of those children's plastic swimming pools. They also have a toy box full of toys, mostly human toys for children under 2, such as plastic keys, rattles etc

     Bonzai is the more outgoing of the two. He seems to be more adventurous or maybe that's nosey then Geronimo. The "G" man, as we call him, is a bit more cautious about new people and things. Both boys are very gentle and have never tried to bite anyone.

     Their main diet is dog food but they will eat anything. Out in the wild they are an opportunistic feeder. My boys love things like scrambled eggs, vegetables, meat and some fruit. Their all time favorite treat is a Fig Newton.

     I have a total of eight Coati's. I used to work in a Veterinary hospital and one of our clients asked me to baby sit his Coati for about a week. Of course I said yes. Before one day was up, I was hooked.

     A Coati is not for everyone ... you can NEVER leave then unsupervised. They are not like a cat or a dog. They have very large canine teeth and they can bite if they get scared.

     When mine are in the house, they stay in very large Macaw cages. Each cage is equipped with a hammock for them to sleep in, food and water bowls and some toys. My boys also like a blankie to cover up with.

     The white nose Coati has no odor at all but the Blonde Ringtail Coati (they come from Central America) have a very musky smell that gets stronger as they get older. Bonzai and Geronimo are best friends, and my very special boys.

Bonzai and Geronimo the Coatimundi,  the Pet of the Day

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