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Cecil the Grey Squirrel,  the Pet of the Day
Name: Cecil
Age: Unknown, Adult
Gender: Male
Kind: Grey Squirrel
Home: Georgia, USA
   This is Cecil, our "pet" squirrel! We have quite a few birds and squirrels that like to eat on our deck, and why not? I feed them very well! After watching them every day, I've learned to recognize certain ones that return again and again. Cecil is a gray squirrel but we're not sure of his age. Here he is (being lazy while eating!) - looks pretty content, doesn't he?

     Cecil is full of personality! I would've never thought a squirrel who lives outdoors all the time could be so responsive, but he is. If he comes onto the rail of our deck, and I haven't yet sprinkled the bird/squirrel food, he will sit there and stare right at me through the glass in our back door! It's as if he's asking me where his food is! Other times, when he's eating, he will pause now and then to look up at me, as if he's thanking me. He will often stay on the rail and let me get pretty close to him, although I'm being cautious and don't actually touch him. I'm thankful for Cecil and his buddies providing entertainment for me daily, although my kids think I'm a little "nuts"!! (pun intended - - ha ha!!).

     This Thanksgiving, Cecil hopes everyone gets lots of good stuff to eat, and wants to remind everyone to smile and be grateful for the nuts they have, too, and to remember to share with our friends outside!

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