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Reeses the Bay mix Horse,  the Pet of the Day
Name: Reeses
Age: Twenty years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Bay mix Horse
Home: Florida, USA
   His name is Reeses Pieces (Reeses for short). He is now over twenty, though this is my favorite picture of him from when he was 14. It captures his attitude a bit, I think. He is a bay mix, that's part of what makes him special! He lives in the sunny state of Florida. He is so sweet, gentle and so loveable. He has a little attitude, and that's what makes him cool. His favorite treats are glazed munchkins! So if you bring doughnuts to the barn, beware!

     The reason I say he has a little bit of an attitude is that sometimes, if you go to give him a hug he will pretend he doesn't like you and put his ears back. But he's just pretending, and then you get to hug him after all, silly guy. He doesn't know a lot of tricks, but me and my friend are trying to teach him to bow. He is very affectionate, even though he sometimes pretends he's above sll that. He's a handsome horse, and a good friend, and I love him!

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