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Tarzan the Yellow Collared Mini Macaw,  the Pet of the Day
Name: Tarzan
Age: Two and a half months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Yellow Collared Mini Macaw
Home: Marianna, Florida, USA
   This is Tarzan playing dead ... rest assured he is quite lively the rest of the time! He's a yellow collared mini with personality plus. He loves attention and plays dead on command.

     Tarzan was handfed by me from day one when he hatched. He is entertaining and loves to follow us around the house. He could say "Hello" at 70 days old, and plays dead on his back. He enjoys days outside in Florida and is very happy to share a cage with ringnecks, umbrella babies or what ever we decide to place him with for a few hours. He is affectionate and likes to ride on my shoulder. I would recommend a yellow collared mini to anyone that wants a Macaw without the large size ... just with the big personality!

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