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Suikun the Fancy Mouse,  the Pet of the Day
Name: Suikun
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: Fancy Mouse
Home: Brooks, Alberta, Canada
   Suikun is Japanese for north wind, I thought it was cool. (I know some Japanese.) She is named after a Pokemon. She has been with me since last September, as a pregnant petstore mouse, she had four gorgeous daughters and some sons. (I did not breed her, just took care of the beans when they came) I couldn't keep her sons but kept all her daughters.

     She is a very pretty girl, at first she was a bit jumpy but she is a sweetie now. She sometimes doesn't like being picked up but everyone has their off days. She is an excellent mother and still lives with her daughters. She likes anything the other mice like, such as bird seed, pumpkin seed, and peanuts. Unlike some of my other mice she will eat fresh (pre-killed) mealworms. This is totally an individual preference in mice, some of my furry folks do not like them, others do. She is one that loves them. You don't know just from looking at a mouse whether they will eat meat. They either like it or they don't.

     She will come to her cage bars and gently take treats though half the time her daughters try to steal it. She lets them, knowing I will give her more. She loves to explore during out of cage time though she often hides in her favorite bed. Her markings are stunning, though none of her daughters looks like her. I think her daughters have more than one father which can happen. She loves to climb into her loft, and snuggle with her daughters. I included a picture of her cage which my brother kindly gave me, it was an expensive one. She runs on her wheel a lot, keeping herself fit.

Suikun the Fancy Mouse,  the Pet of the Day Suikun the Fancy Mouse,  the Pet of the Day Suikun the Fancy Mouse,  the Pet of the Day

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