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Kokeena the Cockatiel,  the Pet of the Day
Name: Kokeena
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cockatiel
Home: Beirut, Lebanon
   I was in the pet store to just enjoy looking at the pets and give the parrots some scratches, but a male Cockatiel caught my eye. He was singing all over the place. so I had to get him. I named him Koki, but Koki wasn't at peace at my home, because he was alone.

     So when I got some money together, I went to the pet store again, and I saw the most beautiful bird I have ever seen. I got her and named her Kokeena.

     I love her grey looks, she looks like a ninja! I love her feathers and small yellow marksings on her tail and texture. I love how she's passive, and always sleepy and sweet. She doesn't sing, but I think she's beautiful, and she's a good girl. I always sing for her. I can't live without her or Koki. She loves her mate, but always fight with him, it's funny to watch them fight as it is never much more than fussing and squawking back and forth. Her feathers are not in the best state now because of a small accident, when I dropped something and it startled her, but a friend told me that they'll grow back. I am glad! She obviously loves me, too - or at least considers me a good place to perch!

Kokeena the Cockatiel,  the Pet of the Day Kokeena the Cockatiel,  the Pet of the Day

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