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Crona the Quaker Parrot,  the Pet of the Day
Name: Crona
Age: Fifteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Quaker Parrot
Home: Burks Falls, Ontario, Canada
   Just like all Quakers, she has the mentality that she's much bigger than she is. I am her number one and she's always clinging where ever I go. She's a free-flight bird within my house, having the whole home as range for victims. She has only ever taken to myself, sister and Mother. Everyone else will get bit if they get to close.

     She will defend me when my stepdad comes to play, giving him a nice bite for protecting me. She likes to dive-bomb guests to the house who must drop to the ground for safety. But she is also very sweet and loving. She loves human food and will bite you if you don't share. Her favorite thing is cuddling against me while I sit on the couch. But she's also very brave too, not afraid to "claim" certain areas in the house and chasing our cats down from wherever they are sitting.

     She knows how to do the wolf whistle, as well as kiss noises. She imitates my laugh and will come to her name. She loves to sit in her shower perch and loves her birdy-baths, often letting me know its time by hanging out at the edge of the sink when someone is doing dishes.

     I have only owned Crona for about half her life as she came from my grandparents' aviary. I'd like to say she's very special. When I got her, she had been removed from the aviary after her mate had been sold. In retaliation, she plucked out all her feathers, so when I met her, she was half-bald. But there was an immediate connection and some pleading and cash later, and she was mine. Nowadays, most of her feathers have grown back, but not all. Each wing as a spot where feathers refuse to grow back, as well as her stomach should be smooth feathers, but instead they are all fluffy: I could definitely find my baby in a crowd!

Crona the Quaker Parrot,  the Pet of the Day Crona the Quaker Parrot,  the Pet of the Day Crona the Quaker Parrot,  the Pet of the Day

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