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Fova the Trotter Horse cross,  the Pet of the Day
Name: Fova
Age: Twenty-one years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Trotter Horse cross
Home: Romagna, Italy
   Fova is important to me because she has been with me for many years. She respects me and understands what I need from her. She likes it when I teach her new tricks, and is always quick to learn. She is smart and caring, too. I can ride her in full tack, or even bareback, and she responds just as well.

     She always wants me to do well, and stay safe. Once when I was cantering with her, I had gone forward on her neck, and when I started to fall off, she pushed me back with her nose so I was on her back like I should have been. She kept me from falling off, which could have been dangerous at a canter! I love Fova very much.

Fova the Trotter Horse cross,  the Pet of the Day

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